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posted by adgrooms on May 9, 2019

Meaningful positive changes in medical technology require input from the people who use it. With a full clinical schedule, it’s hard for healthcare providers to find the time, and this leads to a medical technology bottleneck.

A health care practitioner's time is valuable, arguably best spent providing care. They might get to vent about a software problem around the lunch table with colleagues...Or an EHR improvement insight might bubble up in transit to the next round. The ideas that need to be heard by the tech firms beyond hospital walls rarely get there.

Cultivating relationships between the medical staff and the internal IT department could be a step towards transmitting ideas for improvement. The IT department manages the software and systems that the frontline staff use every day, and are more likely to hear about problems and areas for improvement...But formalizing time for the two groups to come together and fostering a culture that encourages feedback increases the chances of fruitful exchange.

The AMA has recognized the need for physician/tech collaboration and has taken action. They have created a resource called Physicians Innovation Network. This is an online forum for physicians and tech companies to join together and develop innovations in healthcare technology products and services, including paid and volunteer opportunities to participate.

Creating forums and platforms for communication, as well as encouraging and protecting time for medical practitioners to participate is all necessary for this to work. In the end, it is all about collaboration, communication and providing busy healthcare workers an outlet for their voices and needs to be heard.

posted by adgrooms on April 24, 2019

Not everyone has the opportunity to sit down with a client and really develop something useful for a whole team. Medicine is especially tough. The complexities of the inner workings of a medical program/ hospital/ practice partnership run deep through many layers of management and administration full of different personalities.

From one perspective, a solution may save countless hours and dollars, while another perspective sees only expense and overrun. The understanding of even the simplest functions of a piece of software may vary widely between role, organization, seniority, background, connections, and the list goes on...

Communicating solutions to a spectrum of people like this can be extremely difficult and highlights one of the difficulties of making systemic improvements in healthcare. Software marketing teams can aid the process by understanding the divide and speaking to everyone from the front lines all of the way to the top...left brain, right brain...millennials to boomers.

When everyone understands the benefit of a solution and how to take the best advantage of it, the people that may benefit most are the ones being treated.

posted by jantzl on April 17, 2019

We just attended the Academic Internal Medicine Week in Philadelphia and came back so inspired by the people that we met and conversations that we had. We learned from Coordinators, Chiefs, and Directors from all over the country. Every conversation was a valued opportunity to learn. We met HealthTech innovators from secure chat that can improve transition of care to interactive diagnostic guidelines that can integrate with EHR to an exciting upcoming pain medication. There were so many brilliant, energetic, caring people who care about helping other people. It is such an honor, privilege, and inspiration to know and serve this group. These interactions fuel our desire to continue to learn and find new ways to support this community of healers and educators.