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by jantzl on November 21, 2019

Last week, Andy and I had dinner with a group of MD MBA students, which is to say, doctors, pursuing an MBA degree. It occurred to us, listening to their concerns and hopes for medicine, their colleagues, and the future, that these physician leaders are our hope for better healthcare.

When I first met the physician who introduced me to this group, one of the first things she said to me is ...

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by adgrooms on November 12, 2019

Messaging has become a popular form of communication in the connected world. We are in an era of increasing automation, and chatbots are becoming the new way that patients are getting answers and solutions for their problems. Other industries have benefited from the administrative time and cost-saving benefits of using chatbots to handle simple interactions. Through increased use, chatbots ...

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by adgrooms on November 5, 2019

A doctor recently posted on Twitter about attending a healthcare technology conference and seeing an engineer from an EHR company stand up in a forum and ask the room "What can we do better? We are listening." This short post brings up a mental image of a doctor determined and focused to get through rounds, stopping briefly between rooms to frantically type up notes on the last patient while ...

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by adgrooms on October 29, 2019

We have written about interoperability in medicine in previous posts. Our technical experience includes interoperability projects, but we have not worked on interoperability in Healthcare yet. We wanted to get a better understanding of the current state of interoperability in Healthcare and how it relates to the larger fields of communications and standards. We want to understand the unique ...

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by jantzl on October 25, 2019

Inspired by two recent announcements:

We created a work-in-progress infographic to consolidate and visualize ...

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