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by adgrooms on January 8, 2020

It is now 2020. Many of us enjoy amazing capabilities such as video streaming and driverless vehicles, brought to us by improved connectivity and artificial intelligence. There is still not healthcare interoperability though. There are many technology companies that are trying to address the healthcare interoperability shortcomings in different ways. Two, in particular, Health Gorilla and ...

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by adgrooms on October 4, 2019

Where do our medical records live? In the developing age of EHR interoperability, the question will soon be...Where WILL our medical records live? We are entering a critical decision-making time where we must give serious thought to who has ownership, control, and access to patient records.

Pre-EHR, in the era of paper records, it was pretty straightforward that the provider would keep and ...

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by adgrooms on May 15, 2019

Data visualization can help people quickly understand and use data that would otherwise take a long time to interpret. Word cloud is one visualization technique that communicates the most important words that are relevant to a subject. In a cloud, the size of a word represents its frequency in the source data or its relative importance to the subject.

Word clouds could be used in patient ...

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