by adgrooms on April 24, 2019

Not everyone has the opportunity to sit down with a client and really develop something useful for a whole team. Medicine is especially tough. The complexities of the inner workings of a medical program/ hospital/ practice partnership run deep through many layers of management and administration full of different personalities.

From one perspective, a solution may save countless hours and dollars, while another perspective sees only expense and overrun. The understanding of even the simplest functions of a piece of software may vary widely between role, organization, seniority, background, connections, and the list goes on...

Communicating solutions to a spectrum of people like this can be extremely difficult and highlights one of the difficulties of making systemic improvements in healthcare. Software marketing teams can aid the process by understanding the divide and speaking to everyone from the front lines all of the way to the top...left brain, right brain...millennials to boomers.

When everyone understands the benefit of a solution and how to take the best advantage of it, the people that may benefit most are the ones being treated.