by jantzl on December 17, 2020

This week, a doctor and I discussed communication within a physician group - the amount of information, notifications, and numerous locations to search. Our company offers software that helps with this, but really any solution requires someone to invest time to solve it. We got to talking about how often we all roll over problems in the service of bigger priorities. Every day we encounter minor inconveniences that we deal with or work around as we drive to larger goals. But, over time, these little things add up and eat away at our time. Every once in a while, it becomes worth our time to invest in a better way. When does that happen for you? What prompts you to take some time to make things a little better/cleaner/faster/smoother? New Year's resolutions? Spring cleaning? Seasonal slow times? When does it become worthwhile to do? I kind of doubt many or any people in medicine are thinking about this right now because there's a big, obvious way more important priority. Hopefully, as people become vaccinated (and hopefully, people will take more responsibility until they can be vaccinated) in the months ahead, that time will open up again.