by jantzl on April 11, 2019

The people working on the frontlines of healthcare have been raising issues about EHRs for frankly too many years now. A great multi-part article (which is an excerpt from a great book) from 2015 illustrates in frustrating detail the compounding of errors, human and system, that can lead to disaster.

This isn't news. As I write this it is 2019. The article/book, written by a doctor who has experienced these things first-hand offers solutions and I can offer no better:

  • improve communications
  • take care of the workforce
  • provide better leadership
  • provide better training
  • provide better tools

Instead, in most institutions, the workforce continues to be squeezed, which does not help communications, and training is reduced, for fear that it will take time away from dollar earning activities.

The problem still exists, 4 years later. Clearly, this approach is not working. It is well past time to try a different approach. Why not listen to the people on the front line?