by adgrooms on August 7, 2019

Last week we wrote about our intention to create a wellness resource for the medical community. Our goal is to make a useful contribution to the effort to combat physician burnout. In the past week, we have been exploring the growing wellness community.

So far, two efforts have caught our attention:

  1. The Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience by the National Academy of Medicine is focused on physician wellness has created a collection of case studies, resources, and a knowledge hub
  2. CHARM - the Collaborative for Healing And Renewal in Medicine by the Alliance for Academic Internal Medicine is focused on learner wellness, has created, among other things:

We believe we still see areas where we can contribute. One area is technology measurement and improvement - Is our software working optimally for the providers using it? Could we reduce effort with better-integrated software? Do we have the right software for our needs? Another area is process improvement - What methods are effective/ineffective? What tools provide good measurements?

We are reaching out to interview the people who are studying or working to address physician well-being to learn more about what is needed to support physicians and other health care providers. Please feel welcome to refer us to people or refer people to us. We welcome your suggestions and will continue to update on our progress.