by jantzl on July 23, 2020

We read about and think about physician wellness. And we have learned that there are many facets and factors including systemic issues, institutional practices, group dynamics, required tools and tasks, and personal care and advocacy. As a company, we look for ways to influence the larger issues and support individuals on a personal level but our primary ability to make a difference is in making good tools. We try to make things that are “low friction” quick to pick up and easy to use. We try to listen and appreciate and implement the feedback that we receive. We work to reach out and ask for feedback because people don’t always have time or realize that someone wants to hear about their experience. This week I learned about another factor. I’m not sure what to call it yet.

I was speaking with a physician about working with another vendor. She was trying to coordinate and use the educational credits for her group. She said “You know, not everyone we talk to understands and works so hard to accommodate our lifestyle as physicians like you do” And yes I’m tooting our horn. We do work hard all the time to understand and appreciate the people we work with and for. But also I want to put it out there to other people who work with physicians - this is not a job like other jobs. And I want to let physicians know it is ok to say "Hey, you know what my job is like. Help me out with this." It is always important for a company to understand who they are serving and to make everything smooth and easy for their partners and customers. It is all the moreso when you work with medicine. Please let's all do better and go the extra bit for the medical professionals we want to support.