by jantzl on May 4, 2020

We’ve been quiet for a few weeks, a little thrown about as everyone has been, by changing circumstances. As a company that serves people in medicine, we had the chance to offer our support. I’m very grateful that a few organizations took us up on that and allowed us to give our knowledge, skills, and facilities to the medical effort. We’ll have some stories posted about that in the coming weeks.

Right now I just wanted to add my voice to those expressing concern for the mental wellbeing of the people on the medical frontlines. We try to get to know the people we work with personally, as much as they will allow, because after all, everything that we do is about people. What I have observed about people on the frontlines of medicine is that few people really get to know what their job is like. Few people understand the complex mix of grit/toughness and vulnerability/caring that goes into the job. Things are starting to calm. What comes next is uncertain. The amped up, just-get-things-done response, may dwindle for a while and with that will come an emotional blowback.

If you know someone who has been in the response, I encourage you to reach out and let them know that you are there to support them and listen to them. It is hard to imagine what they have seen and hard for them to process. Even if you barely, casually know them, a word of thanks and an offer of care, support, and listening ear could make a huge difference to them. Yes, I know you have been knocked about, too. And so the suggestion is also meant to help you, sometimes the best way to feel better is to help someone else feel better.