by adgrooms on October 1, 2019

I edited my Google Chrome bookmarks today, the important sites that are saved at the top of your browser screen. I had my work email, trello board, and my work depository. But it also included some weather sites, news sites, and fitness tracking sites. There lay the problem. It was time for a distraction destruction.

For a person that has a good amount of ADD, those other sites were the downfall to my productivity. I went on a good cleanse and removed all irrelevant tabs. Bookmarks are sites that you want to visit frequently, right? So I went back and added all of our work sites.

I'm sure I would have found this on a productivity site someday, but it came to me today, sitting in a hospital CCU waiting room all day. I was trying to catch up on writing, but with all of the distractions around me, and the tiredness from dealing with someone in CCU, those little bookmarks were always within eyesight just waiting to take me to another land of unproductivity.

It gave me the thought...EHR layouts need to have the information that you need without unnecessary junk and distractions. What if EHRS were more flexible in their interface, where physicians can set up their dashboard how they prefer when they log in and use the system.

My dashboard is probably very different than my co workers, because I have different needs, and I don't have the exact same brain as them. For caregivers, it would save navigation time because areas they need to access would be in a familiar place of their choosing. They could feel a sense of control and even enjoyment of the software by setting up their personalized dashboard. There could even be a way for doctors to share dashboard templates that are really good for certain disciplines.

I can still access my social media, weather, and news. They are just not a distraction to be found in my bookmarks tab. I know my internet browser is not an EHR interface, but I hope that doctors get the same distraction destruction satisfaction with EHRs someday.