by jantzl on May 19, 2020

Over the weekend I saw this post by Tom Goodwin on LinkedIn that struck a chord. He wrote about how we all have a choice and a say in defining our future:

If enough people write about something in the future happening then we end up being rather likely to create that future. If we all say airlines will go bust because nobody will fly, or nobody would ever dream of buying a car now, or nobody will go to bars again, then in some way (collectively) you make that happen. So while I guess it’s nice to get the clicks with your unexpectedly negative takes, how about helping?

I’m utterly sick of “why X won’t be the same again” pieces.

What good really comes from the predictions of ever more gloomy gloom.

If you do winter sports or surfing or mountain biking, maybe you’re familiar with this advice: You're going to move toward the thing you're looking at. So don't look at what you want to avoid. Look at where you want to go.

I love this point and find it empowering. We do not have to depend on news agencies to do this for us. We can talk about and focus on the change we would like to see.

Initially, I saw many articles about how we have an opportunity to steer this moment of change towards improvement. Like:

  • being better stewards of our environment
  • increasing inclusivity
  • addressing inequity
  • improving our work culture

Lets all talk about that!