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by jantzl on October 1, 2020

This week I'm writing about something in politics that may not seem like it will affect healthcare, but it will. There is a bill in progress called the "Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act." The purpose of the bill is to create backdoors into encryption to make it easy for law enforcement to access encrypted data. The bill sounds like it is about crime and law enforcement, but it is much more ...

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by adgrooms on March 5, 2020

When you go tent camping, you typically don't have any reason to lock down your tent with a padlock. The possessions generally are lower in value and easily replaceable. The only threat is that bear getting to your peanut butter and honey sandwich, and he can have it. However, in your home, you have valuable items that you want to prevent other people from taking. This is one of the main ...

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by adgrooms on January 24, 2020

We have looked at several different perspectives of healthcare data breach information in recent posts. We are close to combining the observations from all of the previous posts into a full report. In the data from HHS that we have been analyzing, some of the breaches are accompanied with a detailed explanation of the cause and corrective action taken. These give more insight into some of the ...

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by adgrooms on January 23, 2020

We have been working on a report looking at a decade of reported healthcare data breaches. In the last few posts, we have looked at the types and locations of breaches in terms of impact and changes over time. In this post, we are taking a look at trends of breaches including the number of incidents and the number of individuals affected.

The average number of incidents per year has ...

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by adgrooms on January 21, 2020

In our ongoing look at data breach information from the past ten years, we have looked at the types of breaches over time. In this post, we will look at the types again, and this time, look more closely at how the type and location (or media) of the breach are related. As a reminder, the data we are working with are reported data breach incidents where the personal health information (PHI) of ...

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