by adgrooms on August 14, 2019

Last week, research showed us that there are some online resources that are working to address physician well-being. We want to contribute, but how?

Every time we have a conversation about well-being/burnout (thank you Kyle and Melissa), we realize what a complex topic it is. It reminds us of the people in the dark room with the elephant, each touching a different part. When we talk about the causes or contributing factors, the conversation can vary depending on the participants' perspectives. So we have created a visual resource - a mind map - on the topic of burnout, mapping all of the aspects that we have learned about so far.

We have made it publicly available here and intend for it to be a living document to be improved upon. We will continue to reorganize and expand as we learn more. We hope this will be useful to others who are also learning and looking for solutions.

This is a step toward a resource for the community, but we do not believe this is our ultimate contribution.

You are welcome to make your own copy to edit and explore, but we hope this will lead to communication and collaboration. We would love to either see others' maps or hear your input on ours: Do you see any areas to add? Is there any topic you think needs more attention? Would you suggest a different organization? Please feel welcome to share it with your colleagues and to discuss and expand our communal knowledge and understanding. Burnout Mindmap Image