by adgrooms on April 6, 2019

Have you ever considered throwing your computer out of the window because you feel like it’s wasting your time? It’s probably not the computer’s fault, so you can rule out that action. You probably have poorly designed software.

Why do we use technology? Is it because it makes our life easier and more efficient? Most of the time it does, but there is some variance in quality and attention to detail.

Software is built with many stakeholders in mind. One stakeholder who should factor highly is the person who has to use it - each and every one. Software companies should always be refining their products to perform well on the latest operating systems and hardware. The design should be intuitive and an experience that brings delight with the east of use.

It should be easy to get help if you have a problem. Well written documentation should answer most of your questions, but when it doesn’t, sitting on a phone through an automated call for hours shouldn’t be your destiny. Good software comes with good support. Period. One way or another, you should be able to contact a real person with knowledge of how to solve your problem.

Certainly, cost is also a consideration. The most expensive option is often overpriced for what you actually need, and the cheapest probably will leave you with hours of frustration. A product with a free trial can give you a sense of how well it fits your needs. A good provider should be open to your feedback. It benefits you, the provider, and everyone else who uses the system.

In the end, word of mouth is the best way to figure out if a piece of software is the right fit for you. Those who use it know the plusses and minuses and can tell you better than any marketing team if the software is going to make your life easier...or make you want to throw your computer out the window.