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by adgrooms on January 28, 2020

EHRs have a reputation. This year at my annual checkup I was thinking about EHRs and trying to observe how my PCP's office uses theirs. As I sat on the exam table I got the usual questions from the physician's assistant; "Any pain today?" Smoker?" "Allergies?". I could see the screen on her laptop with tiny rows of text that were slowly growing with each question. There was a lot of clicking, ...

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by adgrooms on May 2, 2019

I am fortunate to work for a company that provides healthcare insurance, and thus my annual checkup doesn’t cost me anything. But in a recent trip to my physician for an annual check up, I had a little snafu with billing.

Everything went as normal, and after getting checked out by my physician, I went down the hall to get blood drawn to get sent to the lab. The tech filled up a couple of ...

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by jantzl on April 11, 2019

The people working on the frontlines of healthcare have been raising issues about EHRs for frankly too many years now. A great multi-part article (which is an excerpt from a great book) from 2015 ...

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