by adgrooms on November 7, 2019

EHR systems aren’t very good at communicating with each other yet. Getting systems to communicate with each other is a common technology problem, but it’s still a little strange that on the cusp of 2020, with all of the technological advancements available to medicine, and the US government push into EHRs that we still don’t have ubiquitous communication between systems. Why is that?

We ...

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by adgrooms on November 5, 2019

A doctor recently posted on Twitter about attending a healthcare technology conference and seeing an engineer from an EHR company stand up in a forum and ask the room "What can we do better? We are listening." This short post brings up a mental image of a doctor determined and focused to get through rounds, stopping briefly between rooms to frantically type up notes on the last patient while ...

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by adgrooms on November 1, 2019

Healthcare is complicated, especially when you consider the massive amount of data generated every day by patients, providers, insurance companies, and regulators. This data can tell us a lot, especially if the relationships between sets of data can be used in a meaningful way. Some of healthcare's most complex issues such as implementing precision medicine, consolidating personal health ...

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