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by adgrooms on January 15, 2020

Yesterday we talked about breaches from the perspective of the type of breach. Another dimension is the location of the data. Over the last 10 years, patient health information (PHI) has transitioned from paper files to servers and clouds. This is reflected in the breach reports.

In the first chart, we see that paper/films is the top location for data breaches, followed by network server ...

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by adgrooms on January 14, 2020

We have been putting together a report on healthcare data breaches by analyzing data from the Department of Health and Human Services breach portal. Our progress so far has included looking at the numbers from the perspective of geography, entity, and cost. In this post, we look at the breach types. It is common to think of a breach as just stealing PHI to be sold on the dark web. But there ...

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by adgrooms on December 20, 2019

We are taking a break from posting progress on our data breach report to discuss a security feature, password lockout. It is employed to discourage password guessing attacks. An added layer of security is good to protect against bad actors, but are there drawbacks?

Most of us have probably experienced this feature by forgetting our password. If you are unfamiliar, a password lockout allows ...

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by adgrooms on December 19, 2019

Our recent posts have been sections of a data breach report that we are preparing. Its purpose is to gain insight into the trends and implications of reported incidents over the last ten years. This is our fifth installment with a look at the financial cost of healthcare data breaches.

Data breaches are costly in every business sector worldwide, but when reviewing the information [gathered ...

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by adgrooms on December 17, 2019

We are currently working on a healthcare data breach report, visualizing and analyzing reported breaches from the last ten years. In each blog post, we are releasing a piece of the report which will ultimately be available in one PDF file. The first two posts have focused on the number of individuals whose personal health information has been compromised. This post focuses on the different ...

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