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by adgrooms on October 30, 2019

People talk about the problem of burnout in medicine, coming from different perspectives and using different words. We thought it might be helpful to list the terminologies and associated perspectives/approaches/solutions.

The problem: Various factors in Healthcare cause people to leave medicine, suffer from a higher level of depression, and be at greater risk of ...

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by adgrooms on October 18, 2019

Burnout is a problem in healthcare with many different contributing factors. As we contemplate ways to put an end to burnout, physician scheduling must be considered as part of the solution. Scheduling is a complex and time-consuming task that can be hard to get right in the eyes of everyone on the staff, especially if an organization has a shortage of physicians. This can lead to overworked ...

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by adgrooms on September 6, 2019

We have spent some time in the past two weeks thinking about the contributors to burnout. To try to answer the question: What stressors are providers confronted with on a daily basis that could be reduced or eliminated? We have created a graphic to illustrate these contributors and give thought as to how they relate to and affect each other. Our goal is to give a clearer picture of all of the ...

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by adgrooms on August 22, 2019

In our journey to create a wellness resource, as we are meeting people and learning, each conversation and article generates new questions. We find that some have been answered and we think of more to ask...

Thinking of the processes that are burdensome to physicians and EHRs, in particular - What workflow optimizations are effective? What has been tried and found successful - that other ...

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by adgrooms on August 7, 2019

Last week we wrote about our intention to create a wellness resource for the medical community. Our goal is to make a useful contribution to the effort to combat physician burnout. In the past week, we have been exploring the growing wellness community.

So far, two efforts have caught our attention:



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